Tria 2 – New Two Channel Version of Tria Clip Servers Now Shipping

Thursday, April 20th, 2017 [Ottawa, Ontario, Canada] – With the acquisition of Abekas at IBC 2016,  Ross Video added the feature-rich 3-channel Tria 3 Clip Server to its production solutions.

Thursday, April 20th, 2017 [Ottawa, Ontario, Canada] – With the acquisition of Abekas at IBC 2016, Ross Video added the feature-rich 3-channel Tria 3 Clip Server to its production solutions.

New and shipping at NAB 2017, is the Abekas Tria 2. The next generation of Tria clip server, Tria 2 is a 2-channel clip server featuring one record and two playback channels, which can be paired as a single video/key channel or two independent video channels.  Tria 2 uses fast, high reliability Solid State Drives and is available with several drive capacities.
Specifically designed to be a switcher’s companion, Tria is a feature-rich clip server that makes incorporating video clips & animated transitions into a live television production workflow an effortless process. This multi-channel clip server can be configured with “VKA” (video+key+audio) output channels, to easily feed keyer inputs on a production switcher.
Tria is quite beneficial for feeding “looping” animated graphics into “on-set” monitors that are used to decorate the sets in most modern live production studios. Likewise, the advanced Playlist feature with user-programmable playout actions make Tria the perfect live presentation server.
Tria is also suitable for applications requiring baseband video capture, with later export into a variety of media files for purposes of web streaming, craft video editing and media delivery.
With a comprehensive and highly intuitive graphical user interface, lightning-fast clip load and play response times, Tria can always be relied upon in the heat of live production.
Tria 3 offers the same features and graphical user interface as the Tria 2 but with increased channel count.  Tria 3 has one record and three playback channels, one of which is a fixed video/key channel.
For more information on Abekas Tria clip servers, visit the Ross Video website.

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