Ross Video moved to South Lower Booth number SL3305 at NAB 2018

Ross Video is pleased to be bringing her love of live production back to NAB Show 2018, and this year we're moving - you will find Ross Video in South Lower, Booth #SL3305.


Stop by to check out the Ross new product launches and significant updates - plus we have some exciting surprises to announce. Here is just a taste of what we have in store for NAB Show 2018:

OverDrive+Graphite | Affordable, Reliable & Compact Automated Production

OverDrive is the world's most popular production automation system. Graphite is aintegrated, all-in-one production vehicle that includes a real Carbonite production switcherXPression graphics and a 28-channel RAVE audio engine. When paired together, the combination represents compact, powerful, robust and scalable production tool. Smaller productions can now enjoy the improvements in consistency and quality gained by automation.

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Carbonite Black Solo13 | More I/O

The new Carbonite Black Solo13 is a compact, self-contained production switcher and hardware panel combination with 13 inputs and 6 outputs. Solo13 doubles the original Carbonite Black Solo's SDI inputs while retaining its popular compact form factor. The new Solo13 model is excellent for growing productions that need additional production horsepower and will be available for demonstration at NAB Show 2018.  

Your Ross Video Demonstration | Book Now

Ross Video's production technology experts will be available all week at NAB Show 2018 to answer questions and provide in-depth demonstrations, but appointments are limited. If you would like to speak to one of our team about any of our products, please book a demo as soon as possible.

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We look forward to seeing you at NAB Show 2018! 

Best Regards,
Tony Wood and The Ross Video Team


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