Ross Video acquires Abekas

At IBC 2016, Ross Video was pleased to announce the acquisition of Abekas - a brand name with a sterling reputation in the live production industry. 

At IBC 2016, Ross Video was pleased to announce the acquisition of Abekas - a brand name with a sterling reputation in the live production industry.

With the addition of Abekas to its extensive product portfolio, Ross continues to offer more comprehensive solutions that address virtually every aspect of live production across a wide variety of environments.

With the addition of the Mira Replay server, Ross Video is now able to offer instant replay of live televised events such as sports. Mira Replay is a cost-effective, easy-to-operate, multi-channel system with powerful features and a unique, ergonomically designed control surface.

Mira Replay enables users to execute instant replay from multiple cameras during live events, quickly clip and edit content, and create irresistible highlight playlists to engage fans.
  • Flexibility, speed, and performance combine to deliver outstanding value.
  • Symmetrical, multi-channel configuration adapts to any live production workflow.
  • Mira Control Surface and GUI requires minimal space and confers numerous capabilities - without a steep learning curve. 
  • Built-In Media File Import and Export substantially streamlines the overall live production workflow - while reducing costs.

Abekas also brings high performance production video servers to Ross Video’s product lines. The Mira Production Server and Tria Video Clip Server are built to withstand the rigours of various demanding live television production applications. 


Mira Production Server is optimized for recording and playing multiple video channels to handle a number of duties in live production applications with a feature-rich system that delivers creative freedom at a cost-effective price.
Mira engages your audience with uniquely creative live programming.

  • Recording and playback of multiple high quality video channels.
  • Streamlined video+key+audio (VKA) architecture ensures seamless integration into production workflows – the perfect server for switcher transitions and feeding on-set displays.
  • Fast media file ingest and export with a wide range of codecs.
  • System configurations flexibility combined with intuitive controls simplifies installation and daily operation.

Tria Clip Server is a cost-effective, multi-channel  clip server with comprehensive interface protocols for switcher integration to play animated transitions and video clips in live production applications.
Tria provides a fast, intuitive interface with production switchers to deliver predictable and precise operation during productions.
  • Affordable single-channel video+key+audio capability expands up to three channels.
  • Fast and flexible media import/export tool, combined with live video recording provides seamless integration into a variety of live production applications.
  • Base band and file based video ingest
  • Intuitive and comprehensive interfaces to Acuity, Carbonite, and third party switchers streamlines live productions.

If you have any questions about the acquisition of Abekas or their products - contact us here.


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Abekas is a pre-existing key partner of our openTruck program

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