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Return to the homepage high-technology company that provides the most advanced pocket size cellular video uplinks designed for the broadcast industry and the security organizations. 

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Argosy supplies a broad range of the highest quality products and services for studios and System Integrators within the Broadcast Industry, including Graham Patten audio mixers, ISIS routing systems, patchpanels, cables, 19" racks and MDU's
A secure, high performance media archive with low total cost of ownership and excellent green credentials

Signal Processing Solutions for File Based Workflows.Emotion Systems provide innovative and cost effective product solutions for the broadcast market. With their knowledge and experience of both traditional and emerging work practices they will help you to work through technology evolution. 

Renegade Labs - The Renegade product lineup includes the stand-alone Blue|328 and Gray|328 audio mixers, along with the rack-mountable 328|MXE and the new M16 audio mixer. All mixers include the features necessary for working with audio in today's video environment, including AES and NTSC/PAL/HD sync, eight bus program and monitoring outputs for surround or multi-channel production, and analog, digital and SDI audio I/O capability.